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Meet Annisette Falk-Jensen, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! "A self-taught painter, I started in 2016 and have since immersed myself in the difficult techniques of watercolor. I have learned and been inspired by other watercolor artists and studied...

The Key to Authenticity

Christopher Leeper shares his best advice for developing painters.

Learn From Experience

Today's top artists share five simple yet powerful techniques every watercolor artist needs to know.

Work in a Series

Bev Jozwiak demonstrates the benefits of painting the same subject again and again.


Angus McEwan doesn't let the "rules" of watercolor stop him. Learn how you, too, can free up your process to better express your feelings about your subject.
"Since I make a comfortable living doing what I love, I have never dreaded a single day of work. Time spent in my downtown studio is a joy."
“There are a few things in life from which you can choose to never retire. One of those things is being a child, another is being an artist. If nourished, both will forever allow one to enjoy the sense of discovery.”

Why We Paint

Four top artists shares the inspiration and motivation behind their sought-after paintings.
Growing up with a blind brother, Nancy Banks’ attention to the beauty of nature to this day inspires her to carefully inspect, enjoy, and want to duplicate the image on paper.
Watermedia grabs the spotlight in Old Forge, New York this summer. See who took top prizes in this year's Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors.
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