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Richie Vios shares his routine for preparing to do his best.
American Watercolor ambassador Raul Saria describes his inspiration for this watercolor painting
A look at how two watercolor masters express their views of the world
Meet Jennifer Sowders, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! "A rain shower pushed my husband and I in from the outdoor rooftop patio while on an anniversary getaway in Nashville, Tennessee," says Jennifer Sowders. "I loved the atmosphere in this...
Jean Pederson shares her thoughts on transparent watercolor and opaque watermedia
Among Whistler’s most accomplished watercolors, The Yellow Room offers a rare, intimate glimpse into the artist’s personal and professional life in London.
The Transparent Watercolor Society of America celebrates watercolor painting in its purest form

The Struggle Is Real

A look at Winslow Homer’s work through the lens of conflict

We Built This City

Thomas Bucci says he appreciates how a cityscape gives him powerful compositional tools, in particular the wires, poles, roads, and buildings that provide perspective lines that firmly situate the viewer in the scene.
How this artist’s success can be yours too!