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Should We Create a Print Version of American Watercolor Magazine with Kelly Kane?

We Need Your Help.

A Message from Kelly Kane

Chances are we know one another from my time as editor of Watercolor Artist magazine, so you understand my passion for painting and watermedia. Now I’m bringing my deep connections and friendships within the watercolor community to American Watercolor with Streamline Publishing. We’re starting with a website and newsletter (American Watercolor Weekly) and hope to begin building our own community with these free resources.

Of course, if you’ve ever seen an issue of PleinAir Magazine or Fine Art Connoisseur, you know the gorgeous publications Streamline produces. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see watercolors reproduced on that beautiful, high-quality white paper? In large format?

My hope is that with your help I can create a print version of this dream magazine available for subscription, where I can bring you the work of the best watermedia artists from around the world in glorious color and give watercolor the quality exposure it deserves.

Streamline publisher Eric Rhoads shares my dream. He wants to double down on watercolor because of his own love and passion for the medium, and create an environment where we are building something grand that shows true commitment to watercolor artists, collectors, galleries and manufacturers.

Here’s where you come in: In order to launch a new magazine, we need evidence we can take to watercolor advertisers that you will subscribe if given the opportunity. If we can acquire the names of enough watercolor lovers like yourself who say, “Yes, I would subscribe if you create American Watercolor Magazine in print,” we will sincerely explore doing so.

So, if you’d like to see this dream watercolor magazine become a reality (with no obligation), simply click the button below and let us know.

We’ll also want to gather a little information about your interests and favorite artists, as well as other details about what you’d like to see in a new publication. This is your chance to help us build the magazine you’ve always wanted from the ground up. No credit card required. No obligation.

I’m proud to be a part of Streamline and excited about our future together.


– Kelly Kane