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Castel S'Angelo by Antonio Masi

Whether it was those scrumptious-looking ovals of watercolor you got in a set as a kid, an encouraging high school art teacher, or the first art workshop you signed up for after retirement that got you hooked, you and I have something in common—a passion for watercolor painting! With so many distractions to lure us away from the studio, it can be difficult to indulge our passion as often as we’d like, and that’s why we’ve created AmericanWatercolor.net.

Anytime, anywhere, you can tap into tips and techniques from top watercolor artists and instructors, insights from masters past, as well as news about the exhibitions, art societies and competitions that will help you connect with others who share your love of watercolor painting.

And to make sure that you never miss an inspiring detail, we’ll drop a selection of our favorite tips, painting ideas and news right into your inbox two times each week with the American Watercolor newsletter.

Join the Community

To help me with this endeavor, I’ve compiled an advisory board of some of the greatest watercolorists working today, including Thomas Schaller, John Salminen, Jean Pederson, Keiko Tanabe, Antonio Masi, Mario Robinson, Bev Jozwiak, Laurin McCracken, Mark Mehaffey, and Carol Carter. Look for something guaranteed to fuel your creative fire from one of them in every newsletter!

  • Inventive watercolor hacks
  • Creative exercises to kickstart your next breakthrough
  • Surprising tools the pros can’t live without
  • Inspiring art and stories
  • Techniques and demos, from the most basic to more advanced
  • And much, much more!

If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered or a question for me or one of my advisory board members, drop me a line. I’ll do my best to address it in an upcoming newsletter.

And don’t forget to share the love! Invite your friends to join us and you just might see your work featured in an upcoming newsletter. Find out more about our Ambassador Program here.

Kelly Kane


  1. Watercolor is getting more exciting all the time, there is so much brilliance out there in our field which produces such diverse variations of style. Such a good idea to honor that and to create a publication in which we can enjoy, learn and share and to be inspired!

  2. Well, I must admit that I am an Oil Painter, with watercolours every now and then, but when Keiko let me know about this new adventure, I had to sign up as her work is among the best I have ever seen. And her joining with you is wonderful!! Congratulations all around!! God bless, C-Marie

  3. Thank you
    I graduated from the College of Fine Arts
    I like to work in watercolor and I want to develop my skill in it
    I liked the content of this website and I would like to be one of its members
    Thank you again

  4. As an advanced senior and facing the effects of “social distancing” due to you-know-what, the decision to finally get back to watercolor painting as a much needed outlet is central in pro-active planning In signing up for the newsletter, know that you are providing encouragement and vision in this difficult time. I can have an anticipation of that first newsletter..and I do!

  5. I first met Alex powers at the made milk shop workshops in North Carolina. I was an annual student for several years. My friend and teacher, Polly Hammet, with whom we were both friends introduced us, and every year we’d get together and talk about what had god on in our lives. He had a great rye sense of humor, and knew more about art than most artists ever thought about. He juried the NWS show the year I gained signature status, and when I met him in the hallway the first day of Springmaid, he made his way to me, and said, “Ken I hear you got your NWS membership this year!” I responded, “Yeah, I guess I got lucky.” Alex started shaking my hand, and in a serious tone, “Ken, there is no luck involved in getting into the NWS!” I will never forget the thoughtful kindness in that one act…We will miss him!

  6. This is a wonderful resource for all painters. I have painted for 29 years and am 91 but still active in two art groups. Watercolor is my choice and just love expressing my vision of either a still life or a landscape.


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