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The CAC recognized Eric Rhoads for "helping to dramatically expand the interest in and appreciation of traditional art forms among both artists and collectors."
Meet Stephen Puttrich, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Steve Puttrich started his studies at the American Academy of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. He received his degrees in architectural illustration, graphic design and fine art. Steve studied...

The Circle of Life

Soon Y. Warren shares the inspiration behind a new watercolor painting series.
From how to keep your watercolors fresh and loose to mixing a range of glorious greens and choosing the right watercolor brush for the job, this must-have compilation may hold the secret to taking your work to the next level.
Angus McEwan purposefully introduces an element of the unknown into his process. From within the chaos, he finds opportunity.
Meet Collette Mason, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! CMarie Northwest is a collection of work by award-winning artist: Collette Mason. Collette’s artistic focus is watercolor. Her favorite subjects to paint are landscapes, people and animals. Her goal for each painting...
Laurin McCracken reveals the secret to making your paper perform better.
Admired for his innovation and passion for teaching, Gerald Brommer (1927-2020) continued to paint and challenge himself throughout his life. Join us as we honor his career and artistic legacy.
This Italian artist shares his approach to capturing urban subjects in watercolor, including how he finds the right colors.

100 Years and Counting

From the California School painters of the 1920s to the watercolor painters working today, a legacy of artists' dedication to the medium and to capturing the scenes of their time is on display in this unique exhibition.
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