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In this exclusive podcast interview, Thomas Schaller reflects on his introduction to drawing and design, and shares a doodle practice that just might change the way you work.
What happens when today's top watercolor artists choose the best of the best for a unique exhibition? Here's your chance to find out.

Sunrise, Sunset

The paintings showcased here provide a welcome excuse to hit the pause button on our day and relish the sun's glorious effects as it rises or descends over the landscape.
John Salminen reveals the number one problem he sees students struggle with — and offers advice that can improve the work of artists at all skill levels.
Meet Karen Andrews, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Karen Andrews, a photographer and watercolorist from West Stockbridge, MA has shown her work in one-woman and group exhibitions throughout the Berkshires, New England and internationally since 1996. Originally from New...
Fifty years ago, a group of artists met in a local pub and planned a watercolor painting adventure in Big Bend National Park. The trip became an annual event, with new members coming and going. Join the "Watercolor Gang" for a sneak peek at this year's escapades.
In a new series of watercolors, Rance Jones explores the children, farmers, workers, shoppers, and tradespeople of Cuba against the remarkable backdrop of the country's history.
Meet Dan Finnell, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! "As a licensed architect turned watercolor artist following a move to the midwest back in 2017, I carry a rapidly expanding portfolio of varied talents and accomplishments. The improvisation in each...

How to Plan for Success

Shuang Li reveals the five stages of planning a painting that optimize her opportunity for creating landscapes that work.

Does This Work?

Hugh Greer shares his approach to painting a landscape in acrylic, his tips for self-critiquing the work, and his measure for what makes a painting successful.