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Nature’s Studio

Perhaps no one knows better the beauty awaiting us just outside our doors than the plein air painter.
Meet the artist who was among the first female members of the American Watercolor Society.
A professional artist who specialized in plein air painting, Spencer Meagher (1961 - 2024) was remembered by his family and friends for his ability to “capture the unseen beauty in common places.”
Caitlin Leline Hatch reveals the techniques behind her Western watercolor.
Shuang Li shares two simple techniques for painting buildings.

Get Out!

Top watercolor artists share their best plein air tips and techniques.
Stephen Quiller shares 12 tips for planning an extended painting trip then hosting an exhibition that pays for the adventure.
Tim Oliver reveals the value in taking a second (or third) look at your painting before moving on.

Watercolor Memories

The still life compositions of watercolor artist Lana Privitera feel like time suspended.
PleinAir Magazine publisher Eric Rhoads tells you how to price your paintings (and not set the price too low), and how you can use AI for your art business.