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Enjoy a recap from Day 1 of Watercolor Live, featuring Michael Holter, Frank Spino, Barbara Nechis, Lana Privitera, Michael Reardon, Tony Armendariz, and more!
Australian watercolor artist Georgia Mansur paints in three washes, each a different consistency, but for her, it's the last few minutes that make the painting her own.
When artists gather online from all 50 states and 29 countries for Watercolor Live, our introductions often include ...
Join us for this spectacular one-of-a-kind online event for watercolor artists!
Eric Rhoads shares his top tips for selling more art this year.
David Poxon reveals the secrets behind his award-winning painting.
Known for dynamic, large-format watercolors of urban scenery, Paul Ching-Bor has pushed watercolor painting into new territory.

Realism, Abstracted

The Watercolor Paintings of John Salminen
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