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Keep It Classy

Get more from entering a painting competition — win or lose — with these essential etiquette tips from a pro.
“I was inspired to paint The Frick Tree, Pittsburgh while I was working at the Frick Museum of Art in Pittsburgh,” says Tina Lake.
“I have always loved type — it helps tell a story and is just fun to paint,” says watercolor painter Dorrie Rifkin. “Type is in my DNA: In the B.C. era (Before Computers), as an art director, I spent...
"Painting is always about design, whether you work in a very realistic manner or completely abstract," says Thomas Schaller.
Suzy Schultz gives back to a country that made a profound impact on her work
"Aumakua is Hawaiian mythology for a deified ancestor or spirit animal," says Dan Finnell. "A symbiotic relationship exists between you and your aumakua, and you have more than one. The appearance of one in the course of your day,...
A current museum exhibition celebrates watercolor paintings inspired by Spain and Mexico.
Dan Mondloch says to paint from the heart, the viewer will do the rest.
Getting greens right in a watercolor painting can be a challenge. Follow along as artist Catherine Hillis shares her tips for making the most of verdant landscapes.
Anne Hightower-Patterson reveals an interest in a lived life in her thoughtful figure paintings.