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Follow along as Brenda Swenson demonstrates her process for breathing life into her shadows with reflected color.

Best in the West

See who took home awards in this year's Watercolor West juried exhibition.
Trees can add value and edge contrast, move the viewer's eye around your painting, and provide a pop of interest. Keiko Tanabe shows you how to add this important landscape element swiftly and confidently.

Sky, Sea, and Shore

Traditional landscapes held little interest for James McNeill Whistler, but he was drawn again and again to paint the sea.
Peggy Macnamara painted her way through Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History to become its artist in residence for nearly 20 years and an active wildlife conservation painter.
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Mary Elle demonstrates her process for painting the sandstone cliffs of Petra, Jordan.
Meet Julianne Delmar, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! I am a watercolor painter based in the Philippines. My favorite subjects include urban scenes and interiors. My goal in painting is to capture the mood and essence of a picture. Become...
In the 1880s, James McNeill Whistler reinvented himself as an artist and bolstered his career with watercolor.

An Immigrant’s Tale

Recalling the wonder that he felt landing on Ellis Island at age 7, Antonio Masi celebrates the Statue of Liberty and its relation to the immigrant experience in the United States.