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Meet Tina Lake, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Having received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, Tina has gone on to exhibit her work in over sixty professional art exhibitions. She joined the Mid-Southern Watercolorists...

Reconnecting to Art

Born and raised in the Philippines, Richie Vios found a new life in Texas by reviving his love of watercolor painting.
Meet Ingrid Lefevre, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! I am Belgian portrait artist. Drawing and painting faces and figures since my childhood, later i went to art school. I started with watercolor about 8 years ago in function of...
Mark Mehaffey shares the three criteria he used to jury the 11th Annual Signature American International Watermedia Exhibition. Plus, a sneak peek at some of the winners.

Three Modern Masters

Thomas Schaller, Dean Mitchell, and John Salminen are among the top watercolor artists working today. A unique exhibition brings their work together in one place.
Dan Marshall reveals the two biggest mistakes he sees students make and how to fix them.

The Power of Connection

Shaung Li shares her process for using the basic building blocks of painting to convey her personal response to a scene.
Contemporary watercolor painters Dale Laitinen, Carolyn Lord, Barbara Nechis, and Juan Peña present their unique takes on the Northern California landscape.

Grit and Grandeur

Frederick Brosen paints honest and overlooked views of New York City as only a native New Yorker can.
George Politis demonstrates his process for adding interest to his watercolor paintings with collage.