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Meet Jason Farmer, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, I was trained as an actor, lived a good while in Los Angeles, currently work in technology, and have been drawing and painting for most of my...
We kick off Women's History Month with a celebration of five woman watercolor artists who deserve another look.
Robbie Laird shares her creative process, which begins long before she ever picks up a pencil or a brush.

In His Own Words

In February, the watercolor world lost beloved master Serge Hollerbach. Today, we celebrate his life and his work by sharing the artist's story in his own words.
watercolor portrait of surgeon

Creative Healing

Jennifer Hunter shares the life-changing experience that helped her overcome fears, regain control of her arms, and return to painting.
Four artists take us on a tour of some of the country’s most magnificent national parks.
Brazilian artist Eudes Correia describes his use of watercolor as a dance. Find out how he stays in harmony with the medium.

Extreme Watercolor

Painting with watercolor en plein air, in a squall, in March, is not for the faint of heart. Stephen Quiller pulled off a master work.
Mary Elle finds that returning to choice subjects over and over frees her creativity rather than confines it.
Faced with a pandemic lockdown, this English artist and explorer found a unique way to stay connected to his art and nature.
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