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Meet Graham Berry, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! "I studied Graphic Design at Blackpool College of Art and later studied Illustration at Wimbledon College of Art, London," says Graham Berry. "After graduating in 1971 I was employed as the...
watercolor landscape of field

Communicate With Color

Discover how the lessons of Edgar Whitney helped this artist make an important turning point in her work.
watercolor figure painting

Embrace What Comes Next

Donna Zagotta starts every painting with a plan, then lets the work take over. Follow along as she shares the keys to this way of working.

The Way Home

A current exhibition of Loring W. Coleman's work explores the concept of "home." Discover what inspired some of the key pieces in the show.
Gouache artist Tiffanie Mang reveals how the practice has impacted her work — and what it can do for yours, too.
Carl Dalio shows you how to go beyond local color to add interest and excitement to your watercolors.
Stewart reflects on how selling watercolor paintings differs from oils, plus traveling with watercolors and the importance of learning how to draw to improve your watercolor painting skills.
This successful Spanish watercolor artist shares the role plein air painting competitions have played in his career.
Dan Marshall shares his unique approach to making sure he always has the right brush — at the right time — for the job.
Barbara Tapp has to have a gut reaction to a scene before she settles on it as a subject. Here, she shares the key stages in her process.
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