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The Biennial International Prize "Fabriano Watercolour" showcases the best of watercolor painting as it's practiced around the globe. Get a sneak peek at this year's winners.
Vladislav Yeliseyev uses his masterful drawing skills to build the foundation of his work, but allows for plenty of room to lay in expressive washes of transparent watercolor.
In 30 minutes or less, you can capture a panoramic view of your favorite landscape. Erik Speyer shows you how with a few simple tips and materials.
Sarah Yeomanvideo

When Less Is More

There's something magical about watching an artist coax a landscape from a blank piece of paper right before your eyes. Watch Sarah Yeoman do it four times … in less than five minutes … using only three colors!
Late in his career, Childe Hassam returned to his first loves — the outdoors and watercolor.
Meet Elena Shackleton, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Elena began her journey as an artist at an early age. She learned a love of painting and drawing, and was exposed to the teaching of many great artists and instructors...
Use the summer to define (or clarify) your personal painting style with this creative exercise from Mike Bailey.
Wyatt Waters found that he often liked his studies better than the final paintings, now he ditches them all together to save his energy and interest for the finished pieces.
Australian watercolor artist Georgia Mansur paints in three washes, each a different consistency, but for her, it's the last few minutes that make the painting her own.
A mistake in shipping gave this artist the opportunity to play around with some new paper. The results were stunning and introduced her to a brand new way of working.