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Anne Hightower-Patterson reveals an interest in a lived life in her thoughtful figure paintings.
Primarily self-taught, Susan Harper says she gained invaluable help from watching instructional DVDs and experimenting on her own. She has won a few minor prizes along the way and two major awards, but as thrilling as that is, she...

Gone to the Dogs

Winslow Homer’s famous watercolor dog painting — a boatful of beagles and retrievers waiting for the start of a duck shoot — is part of a long lineage of artwork featuring our four-legged friends.

By the Seashore

A study in light, color, and movement, the ever-changing nature of the seaside provides endless inspiration for watercolor painters.
Laurie Goldstein-Warren first learned about using a mouth atomizer years ago from John Salminen in a workshop he gave on painting abstracts.
Susan Blackwood limits the details and number of brushstrokes in her work to relay just enough information to spark viewers' imaginations.
Mike Kowalski shows you how to make the most of the shadow shapes in your next watercolor painting
Find out how Antonio Masi paints long straight lines for the bridges for which he is best known.
11 artists share their inspiration for painting the figure in watercolor
During his final years, Cézanne produced 20 or so watercolor still life paintings.