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Portland, Oregon, artist Yong Hong Zhong credits his training in illustration and calligraphy for his ability to paint fast and with confidence. Find out why.
Meet Beth Verheyden, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Believing that a painting should reflect emotion and movement, Beth tries to convey a sense that the viewer is taking part in something that’s happening at the moment — allmost like you’re...
Follow along as Thomas Jefferson Kitts shares the lessons he learned from five days spent alone on Monhegan Island, walking aimlessly and stopping only when inspiration struck to draw or paint.
San Francisco has a rich artistic heritage. Four top watercolor artists share their best tips for making the most of the area.
Meet Lana Cease, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Born and raised in Iowa, Cease was taught to paint in oils at a young age by her mother and later took many art courses throughout high school but experienced very...
A unique exhibition opening later this week explores how the spontaneous nature of watercolor captured the imaginations of artists like Winslow Homer, Charles Burchfield, and Charles Demuth.
If drawing is crucial for a successful painting, then Southern Illinois watercolor artist Spencer Meagher has won half the battle. See how he does it.

Against the Odds

What happens when five plein air watercolor artists band together and brave the elements in the far north of California? Get a sneak peek here.
Don't make do with a less-than-ideal subject. Dan Marshall shows you how to edit scenes for better compositions.
See who took home awards in the California Watercolor Association's national exhibition.