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Meet Susan Harper, this week's top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador! Art and music have been part and parcel of who Susan Walsh Harper is since ever she can remember, but she came late to fine art. In fact, she didn't take...

Watercolor Wisconsin

On display now: 106 watercolors that showcase the range and diversity of paintings possible with the medium. Get a sneak peek at some of the featured pieces here.

Steely Watercolors

Watercolor may not seem like the obvious choice for portraying a solid gritty subject like steelworks. But in the hands of William Matthews, it's a perfect pairing.
Abstract painting provides the artist incredible freedom of expression, but as Elaine Daily-Birnbaum demonstrates, the principles of composition and design still apply.
After more than 70 years in storage, three watercolors by Emile Gilliéron were conserved to prepare them for exhibition. See how they did it.
Francesco Fontana considers making preliminary sketches as important to the outcome of a finished piece as painting itself.

Say More With Contrast

Ian Ramsay likes to have a lot going on in his paintings. Here, he shares his approach to keeping viewers' attention with contrasts.
Moving to the southeast coast of Georgia two years ago, Catherine Hillis had to develop new techniques for painting the unfamiliar landscape. Here, she shares her process step by step.
Anne McCartney shares her tips for making the most of reference photos and using technology to work out composition issues before she starts to paint.

A Technique for Texture

George Politis demonstrates step by step how he achieves texture in pure transparent watercolor.