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Randy Sprout found some small leaves and painted them with a dark blue and used them as stamps directly on the paper.

A Special Win

Buffalo Kaplinski shares the story behind his award-winning painting.

Watercolor After Dark

See how three top watercolor artists take on the night.

Why We Paint

Four top artists shares the inspiration and motivation behind their sought-after paintings.
Geoff Allen shares his favorite brushes for creating variety in his brushstrokes.
Steve Doherty, artist and former editor of PleinAir Magazine and American Artist Magazine, passed away recently from a heart attack.
Judge Andy Evansen reveals why three paintings caught his eye in this year's NWWS competition.

Tweaking Reality

William Rogers modifies the reality of a scene to make the best design and capitalize on the effect of light to give his work a real presence.
Stan Miller shares the secrets to creating watermedia portraits that endure.
Annisette Falk-Jensen uses contrasts to express herself artistically in her watercolor paintings.