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"This is truly a career where the more we learn, the more we realize there is so much more to learn and keep growing as an artist!"
For a young Jean Haines, watercolor painting provided a happy escape. Here, she shares her secrets for staying inspired.
Catherine Hillis approaches her career as a business and tries very hard to commit to good business practices. She paints every day and dedicates part of those days to other business-related needs.
Dianna Porter is inspired by watching artists who are risk-takers and brave. She loves it when an artist is fearless and breaks the rules successfully.
“Painting Life’s Simple Pleasures” is the focus of this artist’s watercolor paintings. Susie states, “When I make art, my soul sings.”
Peter De Wint (British, 1784-1849) worked extensively in oils, but is best known today for his watercolors. See the work that made him worth remembering.
A former doctor finds similarities between his work in the emergency room and his approach to watercolor painting.
Frank Eber’s unique approach to painting with watercolor may just be key to unlocking more energy and freshness in your own work.
Think you can't get texture with watercolor? Think again. Georgia Mansur shows you how.
A visit to the West's National Parks not in the cards this summer? No problem. Larry Hughes takes you there in a series of stunning watercolors.
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