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Ron Stocke demonstrates his process for combining shapes and ending with flourish of calligraphic details to create watercolor paintings with impact.
Mario Robinson’s work combines traditional methods, but with a contemporary twist that includes a monochromatic underpainting washed over with vibrant hues.
Working from both direct observation and memory, Alabama artist Iain Stewart believes it's more important to express how he chooses to view the world than how it might actually appear.
Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Find out what one simple trick encouraged this watercolor artist to develop a life-changing painting habit and stick with it.

Art in the Open

Keiko Tanabe takes American watercolor to the Emerald Isle for Ireland's International Plein Air Festival.
Watermedia grabs the spotlight in Old Forge, New York this summer.

Stormy Weather

A storm can offer a brief respite from the heat of summer days, and for some artists, an irresistible painting subject.
A change in surface helped Mat Barber Kennedy push his watercolor paintings to new heights.
William Trost Richards used both traditional and unconventional materials and techniques to help drive the evolution and popularity of watercolor in the late 19th century.
If Bev Jozwiak has learned one thing about being an artist, it's this: all the talent in the world can't substitute for time at the easel.