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Telling a Story

Anne McCartney looks for images with a narrative quality, then crops out anything that doesn't add to the tale she's trying to tell.
The Transparent Watercolor Society of America is dedicated to advancing the stature of transparent watercolor. See which paintings took home top prizes in their latest exhibition.
Jean Pederson continues her exploration of simplified subject matter and materials — this time with a few surprising additions to her portrait lineup.
Five top artists debunk the misconceptions about watercolor and reveal what they want collectors to know about the medium.
Working quickly on location, Andy Evansen starts with a simplified value sketch to isolate the lightest shapes, indicate large areas of medium value, and mark dark accents.
The past several months have been a time to slow down and reflect. Jean Pederson transferred these feelings to painting by simplifying elements of design, scale, and subject. Learn how.
The National Watercolor Society plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary with an exhibition that connects the present to the past.
Drawing from a variety of influences, Rex Brandt incorporated the bold colors of Latino murals and the spontaneity of Japanese landscapes in his work.

Art as a Mirror

What triggers Keiko Tanabe to paint is not the subject itself, but her reaction to it.
Joyce Hicks takes the "less is more" adage to the next level.