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Telling a Local Story

American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador Kevin Deck paints an iconic scene in his neighborhood.

Seeing the Possibilities

“Living on a working farm inspires me every single day,” says Caitlin Leline Hatch.
Find out which watercolor artists took home big prizes in a prestigious competition.

Watercolors That Wow!

Bold, vibrant color takes center stage in an exhibition of Soon Y. Warren’s watercolor paintings.

Keeping Perspective

Marita Hines shares the secret to the success of her award-winning painting — and advice for how to approach competitions.

Watercolor Collection

The Butler Institute of American Art added this work by Dean Mitchell to its permanent collection.

Painting Through Loss

Serge Hollerbach continued to paint into his 90s despite the loss of his vision. A new film documents how.
Do critics really have the power to make or break careers? The answer may surprise you.
Linda Baker doesn't skimp on prep work, so she can let loose when it comes to the fun part — putting paint to paper.

Winning Watercolor

"Palm Trunk in the Sun" by James Newman won Best Plein Air Watercolor & Gouache in the May PleinAir Salon competition.