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Watercolor Art Supplies > Don’t assume you know what watercolor supplies to use – save yourself time, money, and frustration by browsing these articles to learn what the pros are doing.

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Understanding Your Materials

Save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and money by getting to know your materials and choosing the right ones for you. Brenda Swenson shares her tips.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/understanding-your-materials/

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Brushes

As one of your most essential tools, it’s important that you care for your watermedia brushes properly. Follow a few simple tips and you’ll save yourself time and money — and keep your brushes performing the way you want them to.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/5-tips-for-taking-care-of-your-brushes/

No Brush Required

Laurie Goldstein-Warren had long been using a mouth atomizer to create interesting textures in her work. A couple of years ago, she took it a step further and completed an entire painting using only this unusual tool. See how she did it.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/no-brush-required/

Get to Know Gesso

American Watercolor Advisor Bev Jozwiak shows you how to incorporate gesso into your watercolor paintings for a textured, muted effect.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/get-to-know-gesso/

Have Your Materials Been Working Against You?

Dan Marshall shares his unique approach to making sure he always has the right brush — at the right time — for the job.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/have-your-materials-been-working-against-you/

Gouache Vs. Watercolor: What’s the Difference?

Some of your favorite watermedia artists, including Carla O’Connor, Donna Zagotta, and Mike Hernandez, use it. But what IS gouache? Find the answer — and more — here.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/gouache-vs-watercolor-whats-the-difference/

Thomas Schaller’s Must-Have Tool

The secret to this artist’s remarkable success can’t be found within his toolkit, but wouldn’t you love to know what one tool he says he can’t bear to go without?
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/thomas-schallers-must-have-tool/

John Salminen’s Must-Have Brush

American Watercolor Weekly Advisor John Salminen reveals the brush he can’t do without — but how he uses it may surprise you.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/john-salminens-must-have-brush/

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