Watercolor Painting for Beginners

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Top 3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Paintings Today

Andy Evansen shares his best advice for how to become a better painter.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/top-3-things-you-can-do-to-improve-your-paintings-today/

101 Watercolor Painting Tips, Tricks & Techniques

From how to keep your watercolors fresh and loose to mixing a range of glorious greens and choosing the right watercolor brush for the job, this must-have compilation may just hold the secret to taking your work to the next level.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/101-watercolor-painting-tips-tricks-techniques/

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Todd Saal

Todd Saal shares the advice he wishes he had received earlier in his painting career. It might be just what you need to hear today.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/the-best-advice-i-ever-got/

Carol Carter’s Favorite Watercolor Hack

This American Watercolor Weekly advisor shares a simple trick for creating the illusion of depth in your work.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/carol-carters-favorite-watercolor-hack/

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Brienne M. Brown

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Find out what one simple trick encouraged this watercolor artist to develop a life-changing painting habit and stick with it.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/the-best-advice-i-ever-got-brienne-m-brown/

Antonio Masi’s Watercolor Hack

Known for his large-scale watercolor paintings of New York City’s iconic bridges, this American Watercolor Weekly Advisor shares his secret for creating long straight lines.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/antonio-masis-watercolor-hack/

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Bev Jozwiak

If Bev Jozwiak has learned one thing about being an artist, it’s this: all the talent in the world can’t substitute for time at the easel.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/the-best-advice-i-ever-got-bev-jozwiak/

A Watercolor Hack That Will Wake Up Your Colors

Sometimes a little change can make a big impact. Laurin McCracken made a minor adjustment to the water he uses to activate and mix his colors, with great effect. And now he’s willing to share his secret with you.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/a-watercolor-hack-that-will-wake-up-your-colors/

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Carol Carter

American Watercolor Weekly advisor Carol Carter shares two tips that have made the greatest impact on her work.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/best-advice-i-ever-got-carol-carter/

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