Watercolor Portraits and Figures

Watercolor Portraits and Figures > Go behind the scenes and learn the inspiration and techniques for portraits with Michael Holter, Mario Robinson, and more, including tips on painting flesh tones with watercolor.

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Watercolor Portraits and Figures - American Watercolor Weekly newsletter

7 Steps to Watercolor Portraits With Michael Holter

People are complicated, but painting them doesn’t have to be. With these seven simple steps, you’ll discover the secrets to capturing a likeness in watercolor.
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The Story Behind the Painting: “Carol”

Irena Roman challenges stereotypical views of aging in her current series of portraits.
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Story Behind the Painting: “Within/Without”

Joanna Barnum demonstrates how she used masking fluid to create textural elements in a unique self-portrait.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/story-behind-the-painting-within-without/

One Step, Two Step, Watercolor

Brazilian artist Eudes Correia describes his use of watercolor as a dance. Find out how he stays in harmony with the medium.
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Portraits in Watercolor

Michael Holter shares his seven steps to bringing portraits to life.
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Painting Flesh Tones With Watercolor

Jeff Mathison shares his secrets to mixing skin tones and connecting the figure with the background.
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Working From a Live Model

Working from life challenges the sensibilities of the artist. With experience, Mario Robinson has learned how to make the most of this (typically limited) time.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/painting-a-portrait-from-a-live-model/

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