Watercolor Landscapes

Watercolor Landscapes > From advice for painting trees in watercolor to finding inspiration from artists who are painting the ultimate watercolor landscapes in America’s national parks, you’re sure to benefit from reading this selection of features.

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Painting Trees With Confidence

Trees can add value and edge contrast, move the viewer’s eye around your painting, and provide a pop of interest. Keiko Tanabe shows you how to add this important landscape element swiftly and confidently.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/painting-trees-with-confidence/

Put the Focus Where It Belongs

Richie Vios shares his tips for using composition, shape, value, color, and edge treatment for drawing the viewer’s eye to your center of interest.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/put-the-focus-where-it-belongs/

In the Footsteps of the Hudson River School

For over 60 years, Sarah Yeoman has spent her summers being informed and inspired by the Adirondacks landscape. See why she credits the beauty of the area for why she is an artist today.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/in-the-footsteps-of-the-hudson-river-school/

From the Mountains to the Prairies

Four artists take us on a tour of some of the country’s most magnificent national parks.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/from-the-mountains-to-the-prairies/

Debunking Watercolor’s Reputation for Being Difficult

Barbara Nechis shares her process for working with the medium, not against it.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/debunking-watercolors-reputation-for-being-difficult/

The Secret Sauce for Success

Tom Lynch shares hard-won advice for building and maintaining a successful art career.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/the-secret-sauce-for-success/

The Story Behind the Painting: “A Moment in Time: Malibu”

Larry Cannon takes inspiration from a peaceful day at the beach playing out against the backdrop of fallen boulders and craggy cliff faces.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/the-story-behind-the-painting-a-moment-in-time-malibu/

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