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Painting Water in Watercolor

Poppy Balser finds the fluidity of watercolor perfect for painting water in motion. Here she shares 7 of her best water-painting tips.

Secrets to Establishing Perspective and Depth

Thomas Schaller shares his approach to creating the illusion of depth and dimensionality in landscape paintings.

6 Simple Steps to Better Paintings

Kathleen Lanzoni shares her best advice for overcoming the challenges every student and beginning artist faces.

Put the Focus Where It Belongs

Richie Vios shares his tips for using composition, shape, value, color, and edge treatment for drawing the viewer’s eye to your center of interest.

One Step, Two Step, Watercolor

Brazilian artist Eudes Correia describes his use of watercolor as a dance. Find out how he stays in harmony with the medium.

How to Plan for Success

Shuang Li reveals the five stages of planning a painting that optimize her opportunity for creating landscapes that work.

Painting Reflections

Painting glass still life can be a daunting prospect. In this demo, Catherine Hillis breaks down the process into four simple steps.

Peonies and Glass Demo

Sarah Yeoman shares a painting project to keep you busy — and your skills sharp — during your time at home.

A Technique for Texture

George Politis demonstrates step by step how he achieves texture in pure transparent watercolor.

7 Tips for Improving a Composition

A strong composition is achieved through intentional design, not a happy accident of random shapes. Dan Marshall shares the secrets to making more from what nature gives you.

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