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1. Put a Twist on Your Sketching Habit

Dan Marshall shares a simple exercise for building confidence and control when painting.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/put-a-twist-on-your-sketching-habit/

2. Work Big with a Small Brush

Gouache artist Tiffanie Mang reveals how the practice has impacted her work — and what it can do for yours, too.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/the-benefits-of-working-small-with-a-big-brush/

3. Simplify Your Process

The past several months have been a time to slow down and reflect. Jean Pederson transferred these feelings to painting by simplifying elements of design, scale, and subject. Learn how.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/a-time-to-simplify/

4. Take Time to Explore

Barbara Tapp has been using this extended time at home to reconnect with her love of drawing and probe new directions in her painting. See how you can too.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/a-time-to-explore/

5. Follow Your Intuition

When Robbie Laird has more to say about a subject than can fit in a single painting, she explores the theme in a series, letting four to six related paintings develop simultaneously — and organically, but with each making its own statement.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/follow-your-intuition/

6. Discover Two Steps to Better Designs

Richard Stephens shares the two steps in his process that have made all the difference in creating compelling designs.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/two-steps-to-better-designs/

7. Awaken Your Creative Spirit With a Mandala

Lisa Argentieri ends each day by creating a watercolor mandala, ensuring that she has a daily check-in with her creative spirit and a quiet moment to reflect on her life.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/awaken-your-creative-spirit-with-a-mandala/

8. Finding Your Artistic Voice in 10 Weeks

Make use of this additional time in your studio to define (or clarify) your personal painting style with this creative exercise from Mike Bailey.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/finding-your-artistic-voice-in-10-weeks/

9. Kickstart Your Creativity With Color Studies

Before you commit a stroke to your sheet of watercolor paper, work out composition kinks and color concerns with a few, quick studies of your subject. Peggi Habets shows you how.
Read: https://americanwatercolor.net/kickstart-your-creativity-with-color-studies/

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