103 Years and Counting

By Gabriel Stockton

“At Home with Mr. Northern” (watercolor) by Dean Mitchell, NWS Gold-Master, won the NWS Purchase Award, and will be added to the NWS Permanent Collection.

Showcasing a rich diversity of watermedia styles from masters to up-and-comers, the 103rd National Watercolor Society (NWS) International Open Exhibition includes work from artists representing eight countries and 29 states.

“Anyone Have a Dime“ Donna Twyford, New NWS Signature Member, NWS AWARD XXIV
“Angelina’s Mood” Lane Hall, NWS Signature Member, NWS AWARD XXVII

“I would like to thank our three jurors, Thomas W. Schaller, Jean Pederson, and Ruth Armitage, for bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the judging process. Their professionalism, open-mindedness, and passion created a fair and inclusive selection process, and their commitment to objectivity ensured that each work of art was given a fair chance to shine,” said NWS President Stephanie Goldman. “We are extremely grateful to our Judge of Awards, Janine Gallizia, for her expertise and discerning eye. Janine has selected an impressive and diverse range of artistic styles and techniques with passion and verve.”

“Notice” Ali Cavanaugh, NWS Associate Member, NWS AWARD VII
“Marlboro Man” David Giordan, New NWS Signature Member, NWS AWARD VIII

Together, the works on view demonstrate the versatility and beauty of watermedia, showcasing a wide range of styles, subjects, and approaches — from representational portraiture to traditional landscapes and abstractions, from delicate washes to bold applications of color and values. 

“Waiting for the Hatch” Chica Brunsvold, NWS Signature Member, NWS AWARD IX

The exhibition can be seen at the NWS Gallery in San Pedro, California, from October 1, 2023 – November 5, 2023, the NWS Online Sales Gallery and at the NWSStream YouTube channel.


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