5 Tips from a Watercolor Master

New Delhi, India, watercolor artist Amit Kapoor dazzled attendees of PleinAir Live with a lively outdoor painting demonstration. Here are five top takeaways.

watercolor painting of India

1. “Drawing is essential. If your drawing is not good, color will never support your painting.”


2. “You have 45 minutes to one hour to finish your painting en plein air before the light changes. Your approach must be fast.”

watercolor painting of boat harbor

3. “Avoid overworking your painting. You don’t want to kill the transparency and energy, you’ve worked to create in your brushstrokes.”

4. “Do not focus too heavily on detail. The viewer’s eye will fill in what you leave out.”

5. “Add line of action in your figures. Show the flexibility in the shapes to give them life.”

watercolor painting of horse and carriage in Italy

watercolor painting of Madrid

Amit Kapoor is a leading master of watercolor medium in India. He has been recognized with top international honors for his paintings and his art graces the walls of many private and corporate collectors. Painting with Watercolors is one of his greatest delights and has now become an addiction for him too. He finds an ultimate bliss while painting and for him art is just like Meditation. His art captures the very soul of his subjects with passion. His exceptional drawing skills and extra ordinary abilities in art makes him proficient in any medium. His subjects include lot of compositional works like Streets, Kitchens, platforms and metropolitan cities where lovely play of light and shadow and perspectives are the main traits. He has a passion for painting Railway Engines and Platforms and has beautifully captured the hustle bustle of the platforms and the smoke of the engines in his paintings. He has also travelled a lot in the hilly areas of India and has done various series capturing them in their true essence. He truly believes in the saying that “The Practice of Art isn’t to make a living but to make your soul grow”.

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