A Celebration of Pure Transparent Watercolor

The Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) is dedicated to advancing the stature of and fostering appreciation of transparent watercolor. John Salminen and Soon Y. Warren served as jurors for the TWSA 42nd Annual Exhibition, on view through August 5, 2018, at the Kenosha Public Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Here’s a look at their top five award-winners.


Skyledge Award: “Mother – Hongkong” (transparent watercolor, 40 x 30 in.) by Xiaochang Zhang


Dorothy Driehaus Mellin Watercolor Award: “Amigos” (transparent watercolor, 30 x 22 in.) by Frank Webb


Edgar A. Whitney Memorial Award: “First Museum Visit” (transparent watercolor, 24 x 19 in.) by Setsuko O’Hara


TWSA Members Award: “Expedition” (transparent watercolor, 30 x 44 in.) by Stephen Zhang


TWSA Director’s Award: “India Street Reflection” (transparent watercolor, 27 x 21 in.) by Robin Erickson


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Kelly Kane
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  1. I love this newsletter and I advise my watercolor students to subscribe to it. Painters can learn so much from what you’re sharing and what I really appreciate is the common sense advice, such as the recent article about “loosening up.” Painting more “loosely” is, of course, what most students tell me they want to do. The paintings that are posted here are beautiful, too, and illustrate the incredible technical advances we’re experiencing in watercolor painting today. Thank you for providing this wonderful email newsletter. I look forward to receiving it and reading it.


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