A Technique for Texture

Greek watercolor artist George Politis paints in a range of styles, using both pure watercolor and mixed watermedia. He prefers a layered technique, sometimes painting wet-into-wet and sometimes following a more controlled approach with less water. Very often he uses drybrush to depict the textures of Greek houses.

“Painting in the Greek islands is any watercolor painter’s dream,” he says. “The beautiful Mediterranean sun, the contrasts between the blue sky and the white houses, and the architecture of the churches can be an inspiration to anyone.”

Watercolor Painting Tutorial: Santorini Houses

In Santorini Houses, the artist starts by blocking in the main elements with washes of color. He then strengthens the value in the sea to provide contrast.


He gradually builds up color and value around the painting to represent a full range of values.


Moving to the final stages he adds several drybrush accents to suggest texture. A few “calligraphic” marksfinish the painting.

Watercolor Painting Tutorial: Church in Santorini 

In Church in Santorini, he follows a similar approach, using more drybrush to add texture throughout the painting, and for negative painting in the foreground of the tree to suggest the foliage.

George Politis is a signature member of AWS, SDWS, RI and other international societies. He will conduct watercolor workshops in Chalkidiki and Santorini in Greece in 2020.



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