Alvaro Castagnet Offers a New Vision for Watercolor

Alvaro Castagnet, “Melbourne II,” (watercolor, 13 ¾ x 22 in.)

Having fallen in love with drawing and painting at an early age, Uruguay-born watercolor artist Alvaro Castagnet started art school at the age of 12. In his early twenties, he traveled to Melbourne, Australia. So taken with the watercolor art and artists that he encountered there, he moved to the vibrant arts city and lived there for the next 20 years.

In a podcast interview with Eric Rhoads, Castagnet talks about his experience with watercolor and his life as an artist. “Watercolor is a very illusive medium,” he says, “in which the artist must conquer art quality, expressing ourselves with a magnificent array of brushstrokes, with a well-developed sense of color schemes. … New vision is needed from artists today; not just painting using watercolors, but also using the medium with the ability to inject into the painting a great deal of mood.”

Click here to visit our sister site and listen to the podcast to learn more about Alvaro Castagnet, his art, and why he says seeing the end result of your work is critical for watercolor artists in particular.

Watercolor artist Alvaro Castagnet is a faculty member of the 7th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more about PACE, which is the world’s largest plein air event, at


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