Ambassador of the Week: Annie Glacken

Meet Annie Glacken, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

“Easter Lily” is one of my favorite paintings. It captures the delicacy of the lily by merging soft edges into the background keeping the painting fresh and loose. This is a new direction that I hope to take my future paintings.

Annie Glacken is a watercolor artist, book binder, blogger, and instructor living in North Carolina. She chose watercolor as her medium because of its transparency, luminosity and spontaneous traits. Annie enjoys creating a cheerful mood in her work by using vibrant and dramatic colors. Annie enjoys combining different techniques along with with watercolor such as watercolor on masa, watercolor batik, ink and wash, and sealing and framing her work without glass. She also enjoys watercolor sketchbook journaling and designing her own watercolor journals.

“Autumn Leaves and Berries” captures the color of crepe myrtle leaves in the fall. To get the depth of color, many glazes were used. The value contrast between the subject and background helps draw the viewer’s attention. This piece won many awards including Best in Show at the Watercolor Society of North Carolina’s Central Regional Show.

Other than attending the occasional workshop, Annie is largely self-taught. In addition to exhibiting her award winning art, she enjoys teaching classes in watercolor painting, sketchbook journaling, color mixing, and hand-crafting your own watercolor journals. She shares many tutorials on her blog. In 2019, Annie will be teaching various workshops at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff and Florence Thomas Art School both located in North Carolina.

“My Treasures” is a still life set up with various items which are sentimental to me: my grandmother’s table, pitcher and candlestick–gifts from my sons, books received from students, and a cloth woven by the artist.


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