Ambassador of the Week: Judith Hummer

Meet Judith Hummer, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

Fish Tale (watercolor on YUPO paper): I had painted this subject first in a traditional manner. I liked it so much I thought I would like to try it again on yupo paper. I applied my colors and textures as in my previous works on yupo with just an eye for the desired colors. After it was dry I painted the commercial fishing boats and the fish tail on the pole. I am sure there is some story behind that fish’s tail for it to be put up as a reminder to the fishermen everyday. The location is Viking Village in Long Beach Island, NJ. I was drawn to the commercial boats and all their lines and rigging — so interesting! When I was on location doing my preliminary sketches, I met a few of the fishermen and they were so eager to show me their latest catch — from photos of course.

A lifelong passion for art and early introduction to watercolor have influenced Judith’s artistic path. Judith pushes the limits of traditional watercolor techniques to achieve very creative and unusual effects. She loves trying out new ideas and enjoys discovering how various everyday objects can be used to create exciting textures and passages in order to achieve a desired result. Many times, an abstract base will be studied and analyzed eventually revealing the subject that was hidden there all along.

“A Walk Through the Park” (watercolor on YUPO paper): After splashing and flowing and texturizing various colors on the paper; I allowed it to dry. Then I analyzed what the heck this could become. At first it was going to be a tall sailing ship, but then I thought about putting in a bridge instead with some buildings in the background. This solidified my idea and came together fairly quickly once I struck upon my subject.

Judith has been the recipient of numerous awards from various international and regional juried exhibitions. She holds signature status in Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Northeast Watercolor Society, Garden State Watercolor Society and is an elected member of New Jersey Watercolor Society.

“Bryant Park” (watercolor on YUPO paper): I knew that I wanted to create a night scene so I began with dark colors. Applying various techniques for texture I filled the page. I love NYC and the vibrancy and energy that is there. Bryant Park seemed like a perfect choice for my night scene. I painstakingly drew in the buildings and created them by removing color from some areas and adding it to others to complete the piece.

Judith is currently teaching watercolor and sharing her passion in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

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