Ambassador of the Week: Laurie Goldstein-Warren

Meet Laurie Goldstein-Warren, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

“Chinatown Shadows” was painted entirely using an mouth atomizer. Painted with a limited 4-color palette, I concentrated on value and temperature rather than color.

Originally from New York, Laurie now lives in West Virginia. She has been painting watercolors for the last 18 years. Laurie continues to experiment with new techniques in watercolor and watercolor/acrylic. She has exhibited her work in the U.S., Japan, Turkey, Canada, Greece and China. Currently, she travels and teaches workshops across the United States. Her works focus on cityscapes, portraits and still life. She has been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine and in the Splash series of books several times and her work has recently earned the High Winds Medal Award at the 150th anniversary of the American Watercolor Society Exhibition., this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

Like my first “Chinatown Shadows,” “Chinatown Shadows #2” was painted with a limited palette of 4 colors, emphasizing value shapes. I also used complimentary colors on both of these paintings to make the fire escapes pop.
“Mardi Gras” was also done with the mouth atomizer. I used a my limited palette. This was much more difficult to mask for the layers of atomized painting because of the rounder shapes.

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