Ambassador of the Week: Susan Harper

Meet Susan Harper, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

“The Artist and His Critic”: An artist friend and his great grandson mugging at one another

Art and music have been part and parcel of who Susan Walsh Harper is since ever she can remember, but she came late to fine art. In fact, she didn’t take up a watercolor brush until 2007. The journey has been exciting and continues to thrill and amaze her at every dip into a colorful puddle. She believes that God has blessed her and that as she surrenders herself to the art, so she surrenders herself to Him who first gave the gift.

“Members of the Wedding”: Three of my granddaughters at their aunts wedding

Artistic endeavors have always been evident in Sue’s life, but while she and her husband, Jim, raised four children, they necessarily took the form of school projects, stage sets and some graphic arts. Now that the kids are grown and she and Jim are retired, she has more time to really learn. Forever enjoying a challenge, Sue decided she would try her hand at these watercolors that everyone told her were so difficult. It seems she took to them like a duck takes to … well … water.

“Hope”: A view of a robin’s nest from a friend’s window

Primarily self-taught, Sue has gained invaluable help from watching instructional DVDs and experimenting on her own. She has won a few minor prizes along the way and two major awards, but as thrilling as that is, she says it has always been about the gift, embracing that grace so freely given, surrendering to the passion to create something lovely while learning lessons in art and life.

Susan paints florals, still life, landscapes and children. More of her art can also be seen at Old Town Art Gallery, 417 2nd Street, Eureka, CA.

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