Ambassador of the Week: Tejo Van den Broeck

Meet Tejo Van den Broeck, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

“Un delicato e fragile autoritratto di un artista imballato” (watercolor) I was thinking of sending my watercolor painting to Italy. Wy not send myself?
• Education: Diploma High Institute of Art, Hasselt.
• Professional Experience: Teacher on the University of Art KHLim in Hasselt
• Member from Committee of AIB and Member of AIB (Aquarelle Institute of Belgium)
First Prizes:
• Laureate from Creact-prize for Painting in Aldeneik 1977.
• Laureate from 22 ste Watercolour Salon of the Aquarelle Institute of Belgium, Mol 2000.
• Prize Laureate Visual Arts of the city Beringen 2012
• Laureate Portrait Prize “L’Art de l’Aquarelle” 2016
• Laureate Prize Blockx Theme Free 36ste Watercolour Salon of the Aquarelle Institute of Belgium, Campo & Campo Antwerp
Individual Exhibitions:
• 1972 Modern Art Galery- Antwerpen
• 1978 Dommelhof- Neerpelt
• 1979 “10 years Tejo Van den Broeck” Casino Beringen- Beringen
• 1991 Zilverberk- Waasmunster- Sombeke
• 1994 “In het kader van het raam” Tejo Van den Broeck- 50 jaar -Casino Beringen2013
• 70 years Tejo Van den Broeck” Galerij van Casino Beringen- CC Beringen
• 2014 Tejo Van den Broeck CC Het Gasthuis, Aarschot
• 2016 Tejo Van den Broeck solo exhibition “Il mio corpo nuovo” “My new body” Complesso San Benedetto Fabriano
“Se non vedi niente c’é molto da guardare” (watercolor) I was thinking of painting another self-portrait after an eye operation.
• 1973 “European Prize Winners” by R.Dobson in “The Bulletin” , “Tejo werpt de handschoen” door prof. Johan Vanbergen (KUL) in De Standaard 29/10/73
• 1978 “Tendensen” tekst in catalogus ‘Tendensen in de kunst in Limburg’ door Ludo Raskin
• 1979 “Overzichtsexpo 10 jaar Tejo Van den Broeck in Casino” door Sylvain Christiaens in Nieuwsblad/Standaard 16/05/79
• 1980 Panorama van de plastische kunsten in Vlaanderen: Tejo Van den Broeck door prof. Johan Vanbergen (KUL) Vlaanderen nr.165
• 1981 “Artistieke steekkaart: Tejo Van den Broeck” door R. Veestraeten in Beleggen nr. 10
• 1986 Catalogus “Op goede grond” door Museumdirecteur U. Mulkers
• 1987 “De kunstsituatie in Limburg” in het tijdschrift Vlaanderen (Limburgnummer) door Ludo Raskin
• 1989 “Een kunstenaar apart: Tejo Van den Broeck” door R. Veestraeten in Het Volk 14/04/89
• Mention in Dictionaire Biographique des Artistes en Belgique depuis 1830
• Vermelding in “Who is Who in Belgium 2000-2002”
• 2000 Jury verslag van Frans Boenders naar aanleiding van het 22 ste AQUARELSALON van het Belgische Aquarelinstituut
• 2001 “Het visuele misverstand ” Tekst door Annemie Hansen naar aanleiding van de openingstoespraak van de tentoonstelling in Galerie “El Greco’ in Lommel.
• Fabriano Watercolour 2014 International Prize
• Publication in the Herald Scotland from 10 januari 2015: According to the artist David Hockney, no slouch in the field of watercolour painting, traditional drawing should lie at the heart of all art.In this year’s Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW) winter exhibition, which opens on Friday in the upper floor of Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) building, the act of drawing is placed firmly in the spotlight. Many artists will receive a jolt of recognition at seeing Tejo Van Den Broeck’s painting of a spaced-out man, presumably the artist himself, bound up in what seems like bubble-wrap… ready for dispatch!
• 2016 L’Art de l’Aquarelle N° 28 pages 90-91-92-93 “Ma passion de l’autoportrait” en in Art Of Watercolour N° 22 “A passion for self-portraits”.
• In Corriere Adriatico “Van den Broeck e Brucceri nella cita delle carta” and also “Il geniale Tejo Van den Broeck tra gli ospiti di Fabriano”
• Art Of Watercolour N° 23 pages 6/7 in The 4th Biennial ‘Marche d’Acqua’ in Fabriano with : Young man lookin’ in the shadows that pass (Il ragazzo nell’ombra di un riflesso passato)
“C’est un trou de verdure où chante la lumière” (watercolor) After the sending off my painting, I thought of another background.

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