Art in the Adirondacks

watercolor painting
"Lemons, Grapes and Pitcher" (Beechmont First & Gold Medallion) by Chris Krupinski

The juried 2018 Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, on display through September 30, 2018 at View in Old Forge, New York, showcases paintings completed in water-based media, including transparent and opaque watercolors, acrylics, casein, egg tempera, gouache, and ink. This year’s Juror of Selection was Daniel K. Tennant; Douglas Wiltraut served as Juror of Awards.

Here’s a selection of watercolor paintings from the show.

watercolor painting
“The Music Within” by Carol McSweeney
watercolor painting
“Chinatown” (Gurdon & Mildred Evans Memorial Award) by Thomas Bucci
watercolor painting
“The Ascent #3” by Gloria Baker
“Radio City NYC” (Burstein Family Award) by Laurie Goldstein-Warren

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