Don’t Be Afraid of What Lies Beneath

“I strive to capture a mood, a feeling, an atmosphere, a sense of place,” says Frank Eber. “In my artist statement, I describe it like this: I try to look beyond the scene to what lies underneath — to the energy that gives it life. If only I could paint that! In essence, I am trying to paint what cannot be painted.

Humble Beginnings (watercolor, 13 x 18 in.)

“ ‘Be like water’ is an old Zen saying. And like water, watercolor has a natural flow. The way it flows will determine the way a painting will look in the end. The ‘doer’ (or painter) is secondary. Maybe that’s what people mean when they say watercolor ‘paints itself.’

Yosemite Falls, Afternoon (watercolor, 12 x 16 in.)

“I welcome the unpredictable nature of watercolor. Maybe that’s due to the way I like to paint, but it’s hard to say since I work in oils too. As painters, we have to learn to adapt to the medium, no matter which one we choose. In this way, watercolor is often misunderstood. The best I can do is guide the process along; a big part is up to chance.”

Winter Stow (watercolor, 13 x 17 in.)

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  1. To Frank Eber, I have been captivated by your “The Forgotten Ones” in my Watercolor Magazine. As a grandmother of 2 beautiful African American boys, I can relate to the wondrous variety of colors in their skin. You have done an exquisite job of capturing the facial expressions as well as the multitude of colors.


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