In Full Bloom

“Single Poppy” (watercolor, 22 x 28 in.)

“I have learned a lot about life by painting close ups of flowers,” says Susan Wiley. “This poppy is in full bloom, at the height of its color and fullness of form — just as we are at the peak of our lives. It’s a beautiful time of life, rich in joy and splendor, just like this fully bloomed poppy.”

Having worked in nursing for many years, I feel that I had the opportunity to observe people, how they live their lives, and how they die — all of which is greatly reflected in my paintings, and in particular, my close-ups of flowers … there are so many parallels.

“Puissance” (watercolor, 22 x 28 in.)

“Puissance” displays the center of a white peony. It is a soft, gentle and fragrant flower, yet it has strength and boldness in its design, and in particular, in its very center. It does have its own quiet strength, thus the title.


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