Inspired by Andrew Wyeth

Contemporary figure painter Mario Robinson pays homage to the artist who has had the most impact on his life and work—Andrew Wyeth

Off Season (watercolor on paper, 22x30) by Mario Robinson

The work of Andrew Wyeth has had the most impact on me. The manner by which he approached realism was awe-inspiring. His draftsmanship was obviously masterful, however, the personal narratives he put forth peaked my interest early on. He reached beyond the sentimental and evoked meaning in ordinary subjects. In essence, Wyeth painted the people, places, and objects that he deeply loved and was unapologetic about doing so. His concepts may seem insular to his critics, however, it’s inspiring to witness an artist operate outside the social pressure to assimilate.

Mrs. Reels (watercolor on paper, 18×24) by Mario Robinson
Bradshaw Beach (watercolor on paper, 20 1/2×15 1/2) by Mario Robinson
Jillian (watercolor on paper, 15×15) by Mario Robinson

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  1. Very nice and I, too, like much of Wyeth’s work, but I do expect that all artists have their own inner spirit which can be brought forth in their work. God bless, C-Marie

  2. Andrew Wyeth has always been an inspiration to me. Your work has that mysterious look to examine more. Good Job


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