Not the Watercolor Exhibition You Were Expecting

watercolor abstract
“Aurelia” (watercolor on canvas, 15 X 22 in.) by Joanna Barnum

Experience everything you never thought you’d see in an exhibition of watercolor paintings as artists cut loose from convention to explore the wild side of the medium. Through April 8, 2018, the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, California, will be host to “H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild.” Organized in collaboration with the National Watercolor Society, this exhibit features nontraditional watercolor paintings, including abstract works and unconventional portraits.

“Murano Meets Peonies” by Elke Memmler


abstract watercolor
“Windows on the World No. 2, East Meets West No. 2” (watercolor) by Valli Thayer McDougle


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  1. Karen thank you so much for featuring our third annual partnership exhibition with The is curated by myself and Matt Leslie Chief Curator of the museum. It is a great partnership and one of the many ways we as artists can engage our communities with watercolor work. I cannot tell you how excited everyone was and how much they loved speaking with us about the work. At the moment i am working on the entry intake for the NWS International Open Exhibition our 98th but later would love to submit along with Matt and article about how we came to this opportunity. What a great idea and a wonderful place for us to go to for inspiration and encouragement.


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