Now Is the Time

“Colin” (transparent watercolor, 21 x 21 in.) by Irena Roman

Irena Roman’s watercolor portrait Colin took the prize for Best Watercolor in the 11th Annual PleinAir Salon competition, announced last week at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Santa Fe.

“Colin had a 35-year career as a law enforcement officer and loved it,” says Roman. “He also enjoyed finding treasures and started collecting at an early age. After retirement, he began holding monthly antique sales in the large barn he built. He often sets out on his quest for ‘more stuff’ at 2:30 a.m. He urges everyone to seek out their interest and run with it. ‘You will be pursuing something that you were interested in during your professional career but didn’t have enough time for. Now is the time! Make the most of it,’ he advises.

Enter your best watercolor painting in the next monthly PleinAir Salon competition. If you get a prize in any category, you’ll automatically be entered to win the annual grand prize of $15,000.


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Kelly Kane
PleinAir Magazine and American Watercolor Weekly Editor-in-Chief With more than 20 years experience in art publishing, Kelly Kane has served previously as Editor-in-Chief of Watercolor Artist magazine and Content Director for The Artist’s Magazine, Drawing, Acrylic Artist, and Pastel Journal. She has interviewed many of the preeminent artists of our time and written numerous articles about painting, drawing, art education and art history. She is now the Editor-in-Chief of PleinAir Magazine and the American Watercolor Weekly newsletter. Click here to send her an email.


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