Peonies and Glass Demo

Sarah Yeoman shares a painting project to keep you busy — and your skills sharp — during your time at home.

After an early career as a singer /songwriter, Sarah Yeoman eventually discovered  watercolor and knew that she had found her clearest creative voice. She has been painting with watercolors for 35 years now and is recognized for her strength of story and her ability to capture the fleeting qualities of light and its influence on form. Her years as a singer/songwriter flow through her process in the melodious and lyrical qualities of her paintings. For more tutorials, check out her YouTube channel.

“Daffodils” (watercolor, 16 x 12 in.)
“Leaf and Stem Mandarin” (watercolor, 9 x 13 in.)
“Spar Hill Farm Series #4 — Kennett Square” (watercolor, 21 x 14 in.)

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