Seeing the Possibilities

“Living on a working farm inspires me every single day,” says Caitlin Leline Hatch. “The weather is always changing, the animals teach us new things constantly, and in those quiet moments of contemplation I see possibilities. On this day, everything was covered in ice (even the tree branches). The air was still, and the sun was trying to burst free of its cloudy veil. It was a magical moment in time that I wanted to remember forever.

“Bringing Home The Cows” (watercolor, 22 x 15 in.)

“I’ve recently changed the way I paint in watercolor. I now paint entirely wet-into-wet and keep the core of my paper completely saturated while I paint. This allows me to have more time to paint without the stress of the paper and paint drying too quickly. I usually try to paint alla prima, but if I’m careful, I can stop and re-wet the back and the front (where I haven’t yet painted) and pick up where I left off.”

“Bringing Home The Cows” by Caitlin Leline Hatch was awarded Best Landscape in the July 2022 PleinAir Salon competition.


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