Staying Above the Waves

“Above the Waves”

“Locals call this place ‘Venice of Hong Kong,’ ” says American Watercolor ambassador Raul Saria. “Aptly so, as the place depicts a panoramic view in the Hong Kong Fishing Village called Tai O. In Above the Waves, I tried to capture the wonderful and colorful reflections of the scene: the small houses above the water with hills in the background – vertical fences – and calm greenish water decorated by small craft.

“This watercolor painting was a selected entry to the International Watercolor Society’s Hong Kong watercolor exhibition titled “Hello Hong Kong.” The exhibition was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I decided to donate the piece to raise funds (to buy masks, food, medicines) for the afflicted site in Wuhan, China. My hope was that people would stay above the waves until the water was calm again.”

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