“Survivors and Dreamers”

“Anthem” (2018; watercolor, 21 x 18 in.)

“A world apart, Cuba is a vibrant and visceral country on the edge of great change. The people who live here are survivors and dreamers in a land where nothing goes to waste and everything is celebrated,” says Rance Jones, who first visited the country in 2018. Making more visits from his native Texas, Jones fixed his eye on the people of Cuba and the music, commerce, dance, thought and history that informs their daily lives.

Venturing out from the city of Havana, the artist explored the homes, workplaces, and vistas that describe the unique environment that plays such a large part in defining Cuba. But his subject was human life, and the persistent hope, ambition, and devotion that inspire the lives of the Cuban people. A child walking through the vegetable market has the bright gleam of anticipation in her eye; a laborer hauls his shouldered burden with strength and resolve; a woman reads the newspaper and is clearly absorbed.

“Watchful Eye” (2018; watercolor, 21 x 25 in.)
“Gecko” (2019; watercolor, 38 x 30 in.)

Twenty-six of those watercolors are included in the exhibition, A Lingering Revolution, which is on display through November 7, 2020 at Forum Gallery in New York City.

“Meditation” (2019; watercolor, 21 x 25 in.)
“Iglesia de Castro” (2019; watercolor, 38 x 30 in.)

“This series of watercolor paintings explores the interlocking fibers that weave Cubans into their social, political and physical environment,” says Jones. “In these paintings, I wanted to depict this range of attitudes and emotions through the expressions, body language, and surroundings of these remarkable people.”

In this video, you can see Rance Jones speaking about his observations of Cuba and the making of these watercolors, with footage he shot during his visits to the island nation.

About Rance Jones
Born in Lubbock, Texas, Rance Jones moved to New York City in 1991 to attend School of Visual Arts and pursue an MFA degree in Illustration. After a decade of work for publications, including The New York Times and National Review, Jones moved back to Texas to concentrate on his own artistic endeavors. Jones’ watercolors have been regularly presented since 2010 in both solo and group exhibitions at galleries and institutions across the United States and in England. His work is represented in private collections across the country.


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