The Story Behind the Painting: “A Moment in Time: Malibu”

Watercolor painting of people on a beach in Malibu, California
“A Moment in Time: Malibu” (16 x 20 in., watercolor on paper) by Larry Cannon

“In general, my inspiration comes from the beauty and underlying Forces of Nature which have always deeply moved me,” says Larry Cannon. “So, when I head out into Nature, I have no problem finding subject matter that inspires me. … Visiting Point Dume State Beach, I was struck by two young women enjoying the warmth of the beautiful sunny day, an older couple gazing out to sea sharing a quiet moment together, and an elderly woman happily feeding the gulls as she probably does every day. This peaceful scene was in great contrast to the visual backdrop of violence from an earlier cataclysmic event that ripped huge boulders from the cliff face and tumbled them into the sea where they will remain for centuries to come until the sea slowly wears them down to join the sand of the beach.”


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