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From Eric Rhoads, author of “Make More Money Selling Your Art,” publisher of several art magazines and newsletters, and author of

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“When everybody else is zigging, why not zag? Try something different. In terms of looking for non-conventional places to show your artwork, first off, ask yourself this question, who buys paintings? Who’s most likely to buy paintings? And where do those people hang out? How about car dealers? If let’s say you sell really, really expensive paintings, why not do a show at the Bentley dealer, or at the Lexus dealer, or the Mercedes dealer. The idea is that you are focusing on going to places where people hang out. If I have to go into the dealership, and I have to sit in the waiting room for an hour waiting for them to change the oil or the tires or something, where else can I go?

“Where else are people spending time? Doctor’s offices, especially plastic surgeons. People who get plastic surgery tend to be people who have a little bit more money. So think in terms of where do wealthy people hang out? Country clubs, golf clubs, fancy restaurants.

“In other words, stand in the river where the money is flowing.”

Plein Air Easton Art Festival 2020

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