Top Watercolor Artists Gather in Greece

Launched in 2012 with the participation of 35 watercolor artists, Watercolor International has evolved into one of the most important invitational exhibitions in Europe. The fourth celebration of this watercolor biennial opens in Thessaloniki, Greece, on November 26 and extends to December 21.

“Passing Time” by Anne McCartney

The exhibition is organized by “Watercolor International Greece” and is curated by George Politis AWS, RI. This year, 130 top watercolor artists are participating, including: Frank Webb, Dean Mitchell, Antonio Masi, Robert Wade, Thomas Schaller, Chris Krupinski, Barbara Nechis, Elaine Daily Birnbaum, Iain Stewart, Denise Athanas, Kathleen Conover, Matthew Bird, Andy Evansen, Laurie Goldstein, Frank Spino, Donna Zagotta, Angus Mc Ewan, Rosa Sepple, Ong Kim Seng, Zhou Tianya, Konstantin Sterkhov, Sergey Temerev, Ilya Ibryaev, Olga Litvinenko, Atanas Matsoureff, Jayson Yeoh, Pasqualino Fracasso, Anne McCartney, and many others.

“Yperthyron” by George Politis

The aim of the event is to promote the medium of watercolor and showcase some of the best and most prominent watercolor artists from all over the world.

“At the Edge” by Barbara Nechis

During the biennial, several events will take place, such as demonstrations by international artists (among them Andy Evansen, Sergey Temerev, and Olga Litvinenko), sightseeing tours in Thessaloniki and surrounding sites, including Vergina, Ancient Tombs of Macedonian kings (Philip father of Alexander the Great), and Mt Olympus.

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