Watercolor Gets Global Attention

David Poxon (b. 1960), “Escape,” 2023, pure watercolor on paper, 27 x 16 in., available through IWME 2024 or the artist

The English artist and author David Poxon rejoices in the fact that Britain brought watercolors to global attention as a fine art during the 18th century. To celebrate this heritage, he has organized the third edition of the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition, opening next month at an idyllic spot in western England, roughly 35 miles northwest of Birmingham.

On view will be 150 works by more than 50 of the world’s best watercolorists, including Julia Barminova, Carol Carter, Veneta Docheva, Pasqualino Fracasso, Laurie Goldstein Warren, Xi Guo, Alex Hillkurtz, Coco Nguyen, Gerhard Ritter, Deepti Singh, Claire Sparkes, and Sarah Stokes. Complementing the display will be a lively program of demonstrations and workshops.


May 15–24
Lilleshall Hall
near Newport, Shropshire, England


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