Who Made the Cut in Colorado?

The Colorado Watercolor Society has postponed their 2020 State Watercolor Exhibition from late April to mid/late May or early June. It is scheduled to show at Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado. Out of the 280 entries, juror Sterling Edwards selected the 50 paintings that will hang in the show. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of his selections.

“My Time” by Susan Montague
“Happily Ever Laughter” by Cindy Brabec-King
“David’s Catch” by Cara Fandel
“In the Drink” by Linda Renaud
“Tonight’s Dinner” by Carol Newsom
“Road Less Traveled” by Nancy Wylie

The CWS was first established as an art group in 1954, led by Walt and Olivia Green, and held its first public exhibition at the Mile High Center of Denver in 1957. In 1997, the CWS became a member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS).

The CWS has grown over the decades and now counts over four hundred members. Our membership represents a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to experts, from amateurs and hobbyists to seasoned professionals, including nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. Painting styles, subject matter and media are equally varied, encompassing traditional, representational transparent watercolor, more contemporary, experimental and abstract watercolor, as well as collage, mixed media, ink-resist, acrylics, casein and other media. Diverse in their approaches and cohesive in their love of art, CWS members make this a welcoming, vibrant and inspiring organization.

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