World’s Watercolor Masters Converge on Weston Park, England

J.M.W. Turner, David Cox, Walter Langley RI, George Sandby, and other English watercolor masters of the 18th and 19th centuries helped introduce watercolor painting to the world. From April 28 to May 28, 2018, the world’s leading watercolor masters will converge on England for a unique contemporary exhibition at historic Weston Park.

“Bing Davis” (watercolor, 15 x 20 in.) by Dean Mitchell

Participating artists include: David Poxon RI (England), with special guests Janine Gallizia (Australia),  Dean Mitchell (USA), Alvaro Castagnet (Uruguay),  Jayson Yeoh (Malasia), John Salminen (USA),  Mark Mehaffey (USA),  Xidan Chen (China),  Marvin Chew (Singapore), Tianya Zhou (China), Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia), Ali Abbas Syed (Pakistan), Liu Yi (China), and Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden).

By John Salminen

The exhibition started life as a solo show for David Poxon RI, who was born in the West Midlands and lives in Shropshire England. David is known around the world for his pure watercolor paintings, and travels extensively to exhibitions abroad. During his travels, he has exhibited with many of the worlds leading watercolor artists, who have become close associates and friends. Having discussed his 2018 Weston Park show with Janine Gallizia, the concept of a larger structured exhibition was conceived. David extended his invitation, and after receiving an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, the International Watercolour Masters exhibition was born.

“Red Tarp on a Cold Day” by Mark Mehaffey

Never before has the UK staged such a prestigious exhibition featuring contemporary world masters in watercolor painting. During the show, several of the artists will lead guided tours, as well as demonstrate their techniques. Watercolor workshops will also be arranged.

“Lago Maiori Italia” by Alvaro Castagnet
“The Light Inside You” by David Poxon

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