A Taste of British Watercolor

"Paris National Opera House" (watercolor) by Stuart Robertson

The Royal Watercolour Society partnered with the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers to present “Off the Wall,” an exhibition of affordable original artworks, which can patrons can take off the wall for prices starting at just £50. Here are a few highlights from the event.

“Summer Table” (acrylic, 34 x 34 cm) by Christie Bird


“You Cannot Find the Centre” (acrylic and watercolor, 36 x 46 cm) by Gerry Baptist


“Sundown” (watercolor and gouache, 36 x 44 cm) by Francis Bowyer


“Small Yellow Boat” (acrylic, 40 x 28 cm) by David Brayne


“After the Harvest, Enna, Sicily” (watercolor, 40 x 30 cm) by Liz Butler


“Sitting Figure in Studio” (gouache) by Julie D. Cooper


“Summer’s Edge” (watercolor, 53 x 53 cm) by Sue Howells


“Case Study” (acrylic and collage, 58 x 58 cm) by Colin Merrin


“Terrace View, Crete” (watercolor, 40 x 30 cm) by Peter Quinn

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