Ambassador of the Week: Annisette Falk-Jensen

Meet Annisette Falk-Jensen, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

“A self-taught painter, I started in 2016 and have since immersed myself in the difficult techniques of watercolor. I have learned and been inspired by other watercolor artists and studied their technique to find my own approach and technique. I have had 4 smaller exhibitions in 2017-18-19 and hope for a slightly bigger breakthrough. In 2018, I started my first workshop as a watercolor teacher and have about 3-4 workshops a year. I have always been creative, having trained as a clothing designer and make-up artist, but could not find my point in these subjects. I felt restless, but when I discovered watercolor, I stopped and disappeared into a world of magic.”

Anna Ancher 1859-1935
“I found an antique photograph of her in her studio and then was seduced by her intense concentration and the light on her which was amplified by the darkness behind her. I wanted to promote the contrast between light and darkness, she is the story, she tells a story, she is present. This is how I felt when I saw the picture and wanted the watercolor to express. It was as much the watercolor that challenged me as I wanted to challenge the watercolor. I wanted to make Anna Ancher lively and accommodating with the magical abilities of watercolor.”

The Maid
“I am very inspired by Johannes Vermeer. Especially his ability to highlight the girl’s presence in the room. This is a monochrome portrait where the nuances are many and create depth in the painting.”

Lake Mirror 
“I love the contrasts. When the light settles gently or cuts through a motif, it is the shadows that create this light, that a cold color is crucial to bring out a warm tone, it is the contrasts that challenge me and without these contrasts I can not express artistically.”

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