Antonio Masi’s Watercolor Hack

This American Watercolor Weekly Advisor shares his secret for creating long straight lines in his signature bridge paintings.

watercolor landscape painting
“Evening Manhattan Bridge” (watercolor and body color, 40×30)

I use an eyedropper to make long straight lines. I mix the color I want to use, fill the eyedropper, place it where I what a straight line, and — because I paint with my paper vertical — I let gravity do the rest.

watercolor landscape painting
“Coming / Going” (watercolor and body color, 40×30)

I paint very large and tack my paper to the wall to paint the bridges for which I’m known. This eyedropper technique is perfect for creating vertical cables. If I want other lines in differing directions, I turn the paper as needed.

Antonio Masi’s eyedropper



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