Watercolor painting of a blue turtle
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, “Blue Turtle,” 13 x 22 in., watercolor on paper, 2021
Artist's studio with watercolor paintings on the walls
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney’s art studio in Orlando, Florida

How did you get started and then develop your career?

Terry Arroyo Mulrooney: After a successful human resources professional career, wife and mother, this lifestyle left me little time to create artwork. The arts having been a part of me all my life. I began to feel that my life lacked a creative outlet, and decided to return to my passion and devote myself to developing my talents as an artist. In a sense, I re-invented myself.

I do know that I realized I needed to express this passion through painting watercolors. The realization came when I just started painting and I did not want to stop! When I started painting, I realized I needed to improve and better myself to call myself an artist. Until I gained recognition, awards, and sales I wasn’t comfortable calling myself an artist. This process took several years before I would say “artist” about myself.

After going to part-time work to concentrate on my new adventure, my family and friends serve as a support system for me to do my best to pursue this dream. I took classes to improve and made my first sale within the first year! My first break was becoming a poster artist in a big outdoor festival and subsequently three more festivals. This gave me lots of exposure to the local market and increased sales.

I have developed into a fine art watercolorist. I specialize in helping patrons encapsulate their favorite places, best memories, and treasured loved ones, in luminous color. I create portraits and landscapes of all kinds — always infusing each of my canvases with a signature touch of tranquility. My unique style has become recognizable and stands out among other watercolorists, artists and collectors worldwide.

Since I have recently moved to Orlando, my new goal is establishing my art in the Orlando area and being known as a Master Watercolorist. These are not dreams, but reality.

How do you describe success?

After I researched the meaning of success, I combined some thoughts of others to make my own opinion.

Making sure I care about the well-being of myself and others.
Having wisdom, wonder and generosity.
Laughed and loved often.

I appreciate Earth’s beauty and leave the world better than I found it.
I always looked for the best in others and given myself the best I had.

I define success by living these principles:
I always do my best
I am impeccable with my word
I do not take things personally
I do not assume anything

How do you find inspiration?

My inspiration is all around me: Looking at an interesting face and wanting to do a portrait, or seeing wildlife in my back yard and thinking of ways to present them on paper.

I find myself creating art everywhere, all the time. Sometimes I focus on bubbles in the sink and see wonderful patterns. I look at trees, flowers, animals, and see the light and shadows to make them beautiful. I gaze at the sky and see galaxies, stars, and aurora borealis as fantastic canvases. So many ideas to create.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

All my life I have been surrounded by music, dance, singing, and art. It was an important part of my childhood. I have memories of dancing to music at a very young age, drawing all the time, doing plays with all the neighborhood kids, being in the chorus at school, and so much more.

Watercolor painting of trees with a path through the middle
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, “The Gathering Place,” 36 x 40 in., watercolor on paper, 2015
Watercolor painting of an iguana on a tree
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, “Iggy,” 21 x 19 in., watercolor on paper, 2017
Watercolor printing of a bright magenta orchid
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, “Florida Orchid,” 22 x 15 in., watercolor on paper, 2018
Watercolor painting of a young girl with blonde hair and a green shirt holding a yellow tulip
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, “Dutch Tulip,” 13 x 16 in., watercolor on paper, 2014

To see more of Terry’s work, visit: www.terrymulrooneystudios.com


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