Artists and Colors Mingle: Day 3 Highlights from Watercolor Live

The 3rd Annual Watercolor Live came to an end Saturday, January 28, wrapping up with even more of today’s best watercolor artists sharing all of their secrets, explaining their materials, methods, and more.

Watercolor LiveThe next Live event is coming in March with Plein Air Live, so visit now to register and be with fellow artists online for days of demonstrations, Q&A with your favorite artists, and mingling during the breakout rooms and cocktail hours.

From the session with George Politis - Watercolor Live
From the session with George Politis

George Politis painted a watercolor scene of Greece, a place that “can be described as paradise on earth,” where he finds plenty of inspiration. George demonstrated concepts of complementary colors, texture, the importance of transparency, contrast, and edges.

Watercolor artist Birgit O'Connor
Watercolor artist Birgit O’Connor

Previously at Watercolor Live, Birgit O’Connor led a session on Beginner’s Day but this year she took us inside her personal painting process. She used a composition that demonstrated her techniques for underpainting, using harmonized color, creating flower petals without overlapping the edges, working with shadows and even negative painting in specific areas.

From Shelley Prior's session
From Shelley Prior’s session

In Shelley Prior’s demo, she focused on the beautiful, soft feathers of a swan as her subject. After walking us through her chosen art materials, she began the background with warm colors, experimenting first to see which would be the best option.

From Jansen Chow's session - watercolor Live
From Jansen Chow’s session

Jansen Chow is a signature member of numerous prestigious art societies in the United States including AWS, NWS, LWS, and PWS. He led us through his step-by-step demonstration on how to paint a colorful cityscape.

From Ken Call's session
From Ken Call’s session

“Try to be bold and confident with your color strokes and at the same time make them quick, simple, and decisive,” said Ken Call in his demo of a ballerina. “And, let your colors mingle and let the watercolors do what they want to do.”

From Alex Hillkurtz's session - Watercolor Live
From Alex Hillkurtz’s session

“Every street corner has a story to tell,” said Alex Hillkurtz, who admits that one of the reasons he lives and paints in Paris is because he simply loves the way this city looks. Alex demonstrated his techniques for painting a corner cafe, focusing on the forms and shapes, perspective, and the light.

And as always, we ended the evening with a final cocktail hour paint-along session, sharing our experiences, reflections, and new goals after so many days of inspiration and learning. Remember to visit now to join us for the next unforgettable event. See you there!


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