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Brenda Swenson - The Nook
“The Nook” by Brenda Swenson, our first American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador

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Kelly Kane
PleinAir Magazine and American Watercolor Weekly Editor-in-Chief With more than 20 years experience in art publishing, Kelly Kane has served previously as Editor-in-Chief of Watercolor Artist magazine and Content Director for The Artist’s Magazine, Drawing, Acrylic Artist, and Pastel Journal. She has interviewed many of the preeminent artists of our time and written numerous articles about painting, drawing, art education and art history. She is now the Editor-in-Chief of PleinAir Magazine and the American Watercolor Weekly newsletter. Click here to send her an email.


  1. I just love this newsletter, Kelly. It brightens every week for me. As an artist working in both oils and watercolor, I have found PLENTY of online tutorials on oil and — until your weekly email — very little on watercolor. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Thank you Kelly for choosing me as the Ambassador of this week. I am very honoured to be part of this great online watercolor magasine, that is so instructif and a help for watercolor artists. I wish you all the best with your excellent work.

  3. I am a watercolorist passionate about my watercolor portraits.My work is suffused wid love and blessings,the subjects and colours symbolize faith,joy ,hope,peace and love.i regularly read ur column and will be honoured if my work is featured in ur prestigious column.I am constantly learning and improving and evolving my watercolor portraits.
    My website is

  4. Quarantine a Collection.
    April 6,2020 set goal to paint a watercolor a day til Covid peaks in LA. Took off Easter and am on day 17, using photos taken on trips in the last four years. Sharing with family and friends via text and asking artist friends with trained eyes for suggestions.

  5. Good morning Kelly, I am so pleased to receive your e-mail re “American Watercolor” newsletter, which I thought had ceased, but is obviously alive and well. Like the previous correspondents, I look forward to receiving the current, up-to-date weekly issues into the future!

  6. Thank you, Kelly, for American Watercolor Weekly. I look forward to reading it every week. It brightens my day and I always receive some useful nugget(s) of information.

    • I missed that one. Sargent transformed watercolor by using oil painting techniques made simplified by the tenets of impressionism to create an amazingly beautiful set of watercolor works.


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