Create Flowing, Organic Lines with Watercolor

“Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands, Utah” (watercolor) by Cindy Briggs

“My watercolors are infused with my point of view and sense of peace,” says Cindy Briggs. “I use continuous contour line drawing to capture my subjects with flowing, organic lines. My watercolor paintings have depth, drama, and form because I focus on the importance of values. Exploring color harmony opens my eyes to possibilities. Most of all, I use this mingling luminous medium to paint what captures my heart.”

“I’m a huge fan of Watercolor Live and excited to create a new portrait video for the event,” says Cindy, who’s on the lineup for Beginner’s Day. “From a value painting to a full-color painting, I’ll share the creative process and provide a packet of reference materials so you can follow along.”


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