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Eight watermedia award-winners from the 48th California Watercolor Association National Exhibition

The 48th California Watercolor Association National Exhibition will be on display at the Marin Society of Artists Gallery in San Rafael, California, through January 31, 2018. The selections of this year’s jurors Dean Mitchell and Myrna Wacknov illustrate the rich variety of styles and qualities possible with watermedia. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the award-winners from the show.

“Domes of Guanajuato Mexico” by Barbara Kempe, HK Holbein Inc. Award
“Hurricane Matthew Aftermath” by Barbara Yoerg, Cheap Joe’s Award
“Poppies and Agave” by Carolyn Lord, Award
“Confinement” by Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Mijello 1st Award
“Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow 9” by Geoffrey McCormack, Gold
“Sunshine” by Jeannie Vodden, M. Graham & Co. Award
“Sailing The Aegean” by Denise Athanas, Jade Fon Memorial Award
“Family Foto 2” by r. mike nichols, Arnold Grossman Memorial Award

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  1. Kelly!

    You’ve moved! I hope that working with Streamline Publishing is satisfying as a career step and widens the your art community even more than before!

    I thought of you a few months ago because of you are always on the look-out for interesting art and artists. Last Fall, I attended a watercolor retreat and one of the artists, Sid Bingham is dedicated Cross Fit athlete. He told me about a body of work he had done, of his fellow Cross Fit buddies working out. Sid also organized a show and reception at the gym! I marveled about his ingenuity in choosing a subject and exhibition venue that was meaningful to him.



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