Brienne Brown on Making Art a Priority

“I was at a plein air event in Utah, and asked around for a good place to paint,” says Brienne Brown. “Someone told me about this chic cafe — the oldest restaurant in the area. My friend and I stopped by to have a look. We parked in the back and walked down this little alley. I looked up and and was struck by the way the sun hit the side of the building. I realized that THIS was the painting. I never even got to the front of the cafe.

“Peaceful Reflections”

“The painting ended up winning an award. The woman who gave me the suggestion came up to me at the event. She’s like, ‘Well, I meant the front, but I guess it works.

“This experience is one of those examples that shows that if you have a preconception of what you’re going to paint when you go out, you just might miss out on an interesting scene.” Stay open to the possibilities.

In a recent Plein Air Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviewed watercolor artist Brienne Brown on painting outdoors, framing watercolors, and much more.

Brienne Brown painting outdoors

Listen as Brienne Brown shares the following:
• The importance of making art a priority in life, and having the support system to do so
• Her thoughts on framing watercolor paintings behind glass, why she doesn’t, and the logistics involved
• The setup she uses for painting with watercolor en plein air

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