The Rural Life

From weatherworn outbuildings and rusty farm equipment to patchwork fields and white picket fence lines, the pastoral landscape offers much to inspire. Join these four artists as they take you on a tour of the countryside.

“The Farm” (watercolor, 10 x 14 in.) by Susan Lynn

“I painted this piece in Door County, Wisconsin, at a historic farm that has become a popular tourist attraction, complete with an open air petting zoo,” says Susan Lynn. “Just beyond the gate, a small herd of baby goats occupied some very enthusiastic children. Crossing the cattle guard and walking a short way down the gravel service road, I found this shady view of the gorgeous old barn, and — in sharp contrast to the chaotic scene nearby — a sense of quiet.”


“Hay Rows in the Sun” (watercolor, 11 x 15 in.) by Poppy Balser

“We all work together to get the hay cut and into the barn during haying season,” says Poppy Balser. “It’s sometimes hard to find time to paint when there are so many tasks to perform. Happily, the hay is still damp with dew early in the morning, making it a bad time for baling, but the best time for painting. I made this piece early one morning, and by sunset that night all the hay in the painting was baled up and in the barn.”


“This Pennsylvania farm was recommended to me by a Facebook friend in 2016 and it has become the focus of much of my work,” says Jane Ramsey. “It is rich with stories and unlimited subject matter, and I made a friend of ‘Aunt Lollie,’ the 86-year-lady who is still living on the farm.


“Sunday Day, Petaluma” (watercolor, 12 x 12 in.) by Robin Purcell

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  1. I really like the Pennsylvania Farm it’s the kind of painting I try to emulate. I’m a beginner but I’m trying to get my style together


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