Top Three Watercolor Stories of 2023

Of all the stories published on American Watercolor, three stood out as your favorites from the past year. If they were among your most-loved articles, I hope you enjoy this second dose of inspiration. If they’re new to you, welcome to the party!

“Autumnleaf Farm” (watercolor, 9 x 8 in.) by Brenda Swenson

What Your Shadows Have Been Missing
Follow along as Brenda Swenson demonstrates her process for breathing life into her shadows with reflected color.


Gouache demo painting by Mike Hernandez

Gouache Vs. Watercolor: What’s the Difference?
Some of your favorite watermedia artists, including Carla O’Connor, Donna Zagotta, and Mike Hernandez, use it. But what IS gouache? Find the answer — and more — here.


“Mountain Fire” (1906-1907; opaque and translucent watercolor, 14 1/16 x 20 in.) Brooklyn Museum

Sargent’s Greatest Lessons
Frank LaLumia offers his take on the contributions John Singer Sargent made to watercolor.

Thank you joining us for a great year of watercolor stories! We look forward to seeing what 2024 has to offer.


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