Celebrating the Color of Water

Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, puts contemporary watercolor paintings front and center this month.

watercolor figure painting
“Underneath” (12×16) by Ali Cavanaugh

Every year, Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, develops a themed group show. The goal is to connect local artists with collectors and other painters working in their field. This year, the show is a celebration of the growing field of contemporary watercolor painters, called “The Color of Water.” Local Charleston favorite and renowned watercolor artist Mary Whyte introduced Lange to the exciting range of watercolor paintings being created today.

watercolor landscape painting
“Punch Buggy Red” 29″x 29) by Matthew Bird

“Before seeing her work I was unaware of how versatile watercolor could be,” he says. “Since that day I’ve wanted to bring together a group of contemporary painters who are using the medium and choosing subject matter that truly propels the genre forward.”

watercolor figure painting
“A Story Of Fathers and Sons” (12×20) by Joshua Flint

The exhibition will run through February, 23, 2018 at Robert Lange Studios’ 2 Queen Street gallery space. Included in the show are top watercolor artists Laurin McCracken, Dylan Scott Pierce, Alexandra Becker-Black, Joshua Flint, Kerry Brooks, Mario Robinson, Jason Drake, Nick, Runge, Endre Penovac, Matthew Bird, Laurin McCracken, Kevin Taylor, Oriol Angrill Jorda, Katie Green, Adam Lister, Ester Sarto, Michiyo Fukushima, Denny Bond, Melanie Norris, and Reuben Negron, to name a few.

watercolor figure painting
“Token of Honor” (36×29) by Dylan Pierce

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  1. “…choosing subject matter that truly propels the genre forward.” THIS! If we want to see watercolor grow in respect and popularity as a medium, we need much more of this–new points of view, new techniques, contemporary subject matter… I love the figurative work of Nick Runge and Ali Cavanaugh; Denny Bond and Laurin McCracken are my watercolor realism idols 🙂 I only wish I lived close enough to attend this show! Sounds like an incredible roundup of talent!


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